Lead Removal and Abatement

Lead is a metallic element used in paints in pre-1978 homes and buildings. Exposure to lead paints, dust and soil can have negative health effects. We have been doing lead abatement since the early 1980s and have developed into an industry leader. We have performed over $16 million worth of lead paint abatement over the past 27 years on all types of facilities including large water tanks, residential housing, hydro blasting of steel beams, roadway striping, bridges, elevators, airports and locomotives. We train our employees on lead removal in house and through third party training centers for EPA HUD Title 10 and EPA Renovation Repair and Painting requirements. A successful lead abatement project is a safe project and we require safety at all levels.

We maintain safe working conditions for our crew, the site owner, site occupants and the general public by strictly adhering to regulatory requirements and utilizing the industries most proven, innovative equipment and lead removal methods.

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