Spray Systems Environmental is a full service environmental remediation contractor doing business for over 25 years. With over 20,000 projects successfully completed we are the low risk solution for your abatement project. We have a proven business experience and consistently hold 40% of the market share in Maricopa County.

Our experience is exemplified by out being named the # 1 Hazardous Materials/Environmental Contractor in the Southwest as ranked by ENR Southwest magazine and ranked in the top 15 largest environmental contractors in the nation by the Engineer News Record. We have been consistently ranked the # 1 contractor for quality since the creation of the State of Arizona Environmental Asbestos/Lead Abatement Services contract. We are the environmental contractors that are here to stay.

Spray Systems understands that your project must be delivered on schedule and within budget, but quality is an expect portion of the triangle as well. Our family of companies was founded on the principle of providing quality work, quality materials and quality employees which developed our excellent reputation and insured satisfied, repeat customers. This philosophy has been exemplified with over 75% of our business coming from repeat customers.

We provide cost effective service never pressing for abatement of materials that is unnecessary for your construction project. We always provide the low cost, real world solutions to mitigate your hazardous material obstacle.

Each member of our management team have over 20 years experience in environmental remediation and have evolved and developed along with the industry. This team provides our clients with a level of service, quality and understanding of regulatory requirements unequalled by our competition. Your project will be smoothly delivered with fast, professional and efficient service.

Spray Systems maintains an average of 500,000 man hours per year with over 8 million man hours worked total by 2010 year end. We average 150 full time AHERA certified workers, giving us an extensive labor pool to draw from and we employ cross trained asbestos, lead, mold and HAZWOPER materials teams. We have a comprehensive knowledge of regulatory compliance and place a strong emphasis on safety at the forefront of every project, large or small.