New Valley Chase Tower

Undisclosed Client
Spray Systems has performed abatement for New Valley Construction at the former Chase Tower, the tallest high-rise in Phoenix. It may have been Arizona’s largest current abatement project in the state. Spray Systems scope includes abatement of 603,034 Square Feet (SF) of fire proofing, along with several other ACM, such as floor tile, grid ceilings, drywall, duct sealant, insulation, etc. All ACM being abated in this project equals more than three (3) million SF.

ASU Bateman Physical Sciences

Arizona State University
Spray Systems abated about 34,591 Square Feet (SF) of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) such as vinyl floor tile, mastic, Thermal Systems Insulation (TSI), HVAC supply duct, Asbestos Cement (AC) Transite fume hood, etc. We also abated Lead Containing Materials such as the bathroom wall tile.

Hunt/Austin – Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 3 Processor Building, North and South Concourses

Hunt/Austin, a Joint Venture

Spray Systems was contracted to abate over 7,000 Square Feet (SF) of duct seam tape, 6,000 SF of exterior material, 4,200 SF of block fill, 4,000 SF of vermiculite wall board, 2,900 SF of flooring, 2,500 SF of grey mastic, and 1,510 Lineal Feet (LF) of joint sealant. In addition to the original scope, more than 944 SF of flooring, 360 SF of mastic and almost 9,000 SF of additional window caulking was abated and kept the project within schedule. All work was completed in accordance with City of Phoenix Job Order Contract (JOC).

BCS/Kiewit Phoenix Sky Harbor Terminal 2 Concourse, Processor Bldg.

BCS Enterprises & Kiewit Infrastructure West Co

Spray Systems performed asbestos abatement and removal of all Lead Based Paint (LBP) for BCS Enterprises & Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. This was performed prior to demolishing Terminal 2 Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Spray Systems scope included abatement of asbestos and removal of fireproofing on structural steel, Thermal System Insulation (TSI), roofing, and other miscellaneous ACM. The crew also removed Lead Based Paint (LBP) containing tarmac striping. Substantial caution was required to prevent Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from impacting air traffic while the airport remained open and functional.

Arizona State University (ASU) - G Homer Durham Language & Literature

Arizona State University
Spray Systems was contracted to complete fireproofing of approximately 56,603 Square Feet (SF) and remove and dispose 65,492 SF of carpet, tile, and mastic and 11,203 Lineal Feet (LF) of Thermal System Insulation (TSI) and seven (7) air handlers. To reach the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), the crew demolished over 30,000 SF of ceiling tiles and almost 7,000 SF of drywall. All work has been completed on schedule and within budget. At the Physical Sciences building, SPRAY SYSTEMS abated over 20,000 SF of ACM, 14,343 LF of ACM and approximately 1,400 SF of Lead Containing Materials (LCM).


Undisclosed Client
Spray Systems has successfully performed as an environmental remediation contractor for the client for more than twenty (20) years. Spray Systems was contracted by the client to perform asbestos abatement associated with the decommissioning of the facility by others. ACM abated included vertical and horizontal expansion joints, flooring tile and associated mastic, drywall- walls and ceiling, roof mastics.

Sanostee Boarding School

Doyon Government Group

Spray Systems was contacted to perform abatement of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) including 10,000 Lineal Feet (LF) of underground Transite™ pipe and flooring. Demolition of fifteen (15) buildings and two (2) water towers.

HSL La Placita

HSL Construction Services
Spray Systems was contracted to demolish and abate more than 4,000 Lineal Feet (LF) of fireproofing, Gypsum Wall Board (GWB) drywall, stucco and floor tile and mastic. The crew also performed over fifty (50) spot abatements over the property. The work was completed over a 12-month period. Spray Systems contracted scaffolding and installation.

W.C. Billings 26th Street Courthouse

WC Commercial LLC
Spray Systems performed demolition on non-ACM materials including prefabricated interior walls and flooring, mercury containing fluorescent light tubes & Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) ballasts. To manage all safety requirements, poly sheeting barriers were installed to isolate the existing HVAC system while more than 375,000 SF of fireproofing, and all ACM ceiling tiles were abated. In addition to the fireproofing and ceiling tiles, exterior wall insulation, bathroom fixtures and partitions and all water pipe insulation was removed according to OSHA and AHERA guidelines. Once work was completed, the HVAC system was vacuumed and wet wiped inside and out.

Trotter Track

Citrus Commerce Center LLC

Spray Systems abated 134,000 Square Feet (SF) of fireproofing from concrete, roof deck, beams, and columns. All work was completed in less than four (4) months. Prior to abatement, employees in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cleaned up pigeon/fowl waste. Debris was disposed of as (RACM), Regulated Asbestos Containing Material.

Layton Madison Jail

Maricopa County

Repurposing of a seven (7) story building from jail to offices required significant environmental decontamination. Scope included abatement of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) on caulking and glazing in cells and ceiling supports on several floors completed along with spot abatement of Lead Based Paint (LBP) in elevator shafts for removal by a General Contractor. Removal and sanitation of a plaster ceiling of the 4th floor patio was completed along with removal/disposal of four (4) mechanical rooms, including metal siding and rolled roof. Substantial quantities of universal waste (cathode ray tube monitors, mercury containing fluorescent light tubes, assorted chemicals, and x-ray equipment) were properly characterized, packaged, transported, and disposed.

Central Arizona Government (CAG) – Hayden and Winkelman

Central Arizona Government (CAG)
OSHA Lead certified workers performed selective abatement or encapsulation of Lead Based Paint (LBP)/Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) in 48 residences in the town of Hayden, and 9 residences in Winkelman from June 2019 to January 1, 2021. There was a COVID-19 shutdown from March 2020 to October 2020. Spray Systems Environmental (Spray Systems) completed all restoration/replacement of windows, doors, flooring, and cabinetry.